About Us

Our Mission

Westinghouse Financial was created in hopes that financial insite could reach every individual or institution that needs guidance around the world so that financial goals may be executed and exceeded — no matter the amount of money they have. Our aim is to grow a better and more responsible economy with our clients always coming first and us keeping our fiduciary responsibility. The world is changing and Westinghouse Financial will be the Leader in emerging technology markets and innovation with financial guidance.

Our Values

Our goal is to always do what is right for the client. Not only is that our fiduciary responsibility, but it is the core of what our business revolves around.

Service to our clients and students learning from us is of the utmost importance. We aim to instill financial wisdom unto others and provide the services they need no matter the income level.

Our company strives to be an industry leader by the way we conduct business, embrace innovation, serve clients, teach others, and help build our community.

As teachers to our clients and students, we want to embrace innovation and always learn from the newest technologies, practices, and laws in order to better serve our clients and ourselves.

Aside from helping our clients, we want to continually give back to our community, whether that involves teaching students about the value of finance or serving nonprofit organizations.


Our Team

David W. Hill

Financial Advisor
Vice President & COO

The ability to impact lives has always been a goal of Daves. As a Financial Adviser, Dave’s aim is to help people identify their financial goals and outstanding gaps in their financial framework. To fulfill their future and make it a reality, he relies on his knowledge and experience, but can call on the expertise of a strong team of specialists available to help individuals maximize their financial strategy. He strives to serve clients in an unbiased fashion by working in tandem with other local professionals who include CPAs, Attorneys, and Life Insurance specialists to tailor a unique solution to clients.

Jack Thomas

Financial Advisor

After having worked in the financial services industry for years, Jack founded Westinghouse Financial in hopes to gain back the respect that true advisers and fiduciaries need in the industry. Westinghouse Financial is a company built on trust and unbiased comprehensive financial advise.

Westinghouse Financial

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